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09-Jul-2017 19:16

MANILA, Philippines - (UPDATED) Known as "President's Report to the People", the full text and transcript in English of the 2017 State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, is available online shortly after he has spoken on Monday, July 24, in front of 3,000 guests at the Plenary Hall of the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City. (arrival) with President Duterte's second SONA speech delivery at p.m. We are targeting to increase Government spending on infrastructure from 5 percent of the GDP in 2017 to 7 percent of the GDP by 2022, amounting to a total of 8 to 9 trillion pesos or 160 to 180 billion dollars. We will make the next few years the “Golden Age of Infrastructure” in the Philippines to enhance our mobility and connectivity, and thereby spur development growth equitable in the country.

The speech was drafted in English and due to some off-the-cuff remarks, the president finished delivery at in the evening. In other words, we are going to Build, Build and Build.

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RELATED STORIES With the theme "A Comfortable Life for All", the speech resonates better with more Filipinos. To improve our sea connectivity, we launched 15 brand new RORO vessels to ply major nautical routes all over the country.

This theme is supported by the Administration’s three key agenda—prosperity for all, law and order, and peace—which categorize the positive changes felt by the people. We also opened an ASEAN Ro-Ro Shipping Route connecting the ports of Davao and General Santos, Philippines to Bitung, Indonesia.

Worse yet, there were times in the past when the protectors of the people were themselves the perpetrators of the very crimes they were tasked to prevent or suppress. I have learned that economy surges only when there is peace and order prevailing in places where investors can pour [in] their capital and expertise. You know, huwag ninyo akong takot-takutin niyang preso ‘yung international court of justice. They say that they use the name of God, and the Christians say, “we have the same thing.” I read the Ecclesiastes 3. Even during elections, there is a time to be great and a time for defeat. If you have to shoot them, shoot them at the heart or the head.” Sabi ko. Because they will be detained here in Marawi, wala tayong presuhan. I am directing the MMDA and the LGUs of Metro Manila, as well as the LGUs of Metro Cebu and all our regional centers to ensure the free flow of traffic, and immediately clear our roads and thoroughfares of all unnecessary obstruction, including vehicles parked on the streets/barriers. We might get some money also from China and we’ll have new airports in the coming days and we are now accelerating the implementation of the communications, navigations, surveillance and air traffic managements system projects which will result the on-time arrivals, departures better managed air traffic, reduced flight operational cost and safer and more convenient travel experience. The poor and vulnerable are at the heart of my tax reform.

[applause] And I will make sure, very sure that they will not have the luxury of enjoying the benefits of their greed and madness. Ano ba ang gusto ninyong gawin, magluhod ako diyan? The acceptance of the tax settlement offer does not preclude other criminal charges against the company that the BIR may decide to file.Here is the full text of Duterte's speech, as provided by the Malacañang. When I was a member of Congress, I – my seat was over there. The lady with a violent – not violent but rather violet dress – seated. Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III and the members of the Senate; Pantaleon Alvarez, the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives; Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo; Former Presidents Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, and former President Gloria Arroyo; Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno of the Supreme Court and the members of courts; Archbishop Pinto and the distinguished guests of the diplomatic corps; Secretary Salvador Medialdea and the members of the Cabinet; my fellow workers in government; my countrymen. Ngayon, paano ngayon i-nine mo ‘yung – palabas mo itong nine we are about to hit six or so, sabi nila. And the thrust of that Revised Penal Code, ladies and gentlemen, is the essence of retribution. There is also the word “positivist theory” that you can nurture a criminal into goodness provided he goes to prison for two years, three years, he’s released, he’s a sex offender. You are so too lenient about this son of a b****, a human being that has a virulent brain and his enemy is society. No one has ever fathomed how a person would react especially in committing crimes. He was our valedictorian in the law class, talagang mahusay.Duterte delivered it in English, punctuated by ad-libs in Filipino and a bit of Bisaya. But I was always absent together with the Speaker and Tonyboy Floirendo, who is still absent until today. When I took my oath of office a year or so ago, I knew that our country was reeling from a multitude of problems. Makita mo ang Davao ngayon, you have been LGUs before. Eh nandoon pa kami sa Mindanao, binobomba pa kami sa Davao. Pero ‘pag hayaan mo lang ako, mag-abot ito ng 21, the highest in the world. It is time for us to fulfill our mandate to protect… When he goes out, he rapes again, kidnaps another girl and makes her a hostage for so many years. And many at times, there were sex offenders in America released only to rape and kidnap again and kill in just a few months after release. You cannot place a premium on the human mind that he will go straight. That’s the only way to do it to instill fear, that if you do it, you will die. But we needed money and we tried to get your help to raise money. We will not make it all smooth in the Philippines, we leave a little alley known as EDSA as the road to perdition. And as a matter of fact, [Applause] they are willing.As advised, printed copies of the same report will be distributed to selected schools, embassies, government offices, and other institutions following the event. Let us understand each other including the international community. To address the congestion of our sea ports, we modernized the Ports of Iloilo, General Santos, Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga.

The Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) has assigned sign language interpreter for those with auditory impairment. Ang aming – our criminal system uses the Revised Penal Code. We shall complete strategic road and bridge projects and some of the road sections shall be widened and improved to address the worsening traffic. You are pushing for---you know, when I became President, EDSA was already horrendous as it was a horror of the other administrations.That is why, I have resolved that no matter how long it takes, the fight against illegal drugs will continue because that is the root cause of so much evil and so much suffering [applause] that weakens the social fabric and deters foreign investments from pouring in. I did it for the 50 plus one because in a vote of 100, I get 51, 50 plus one. But when the time comes, eh kung malasin ako, pupunta ako sa presuhan, do not worry about me. Kaya huwag kayong mag – patayin talaga ninyo, kasi ilagay natin ‘yan diyan sa barracks natin diyan, sa ating Mechanized Division. Pero me, I have not authorized my Cabinet member to utilize the low plate. Last May 31, 2017, we achieved the first step towards more equitable taxes to fund better services for the people. In the meantime, the DOF and BIR are strengthening and running after tax evaders.